La durabilité de votre patio en bois – Tout est dans l’essence mon cher Watson!

Image microscopique montrant la fibre du bois et les espaces contenants des molécules extractibles caractérisants les essences de bois.

The durability of a wood patio depends on what exactly? To build a patio or even a fence that is resistant and durable, it is important to use the right wood. This is why we must take an interest in the extractibles of wood, the famous molecules found in its internal surfaces. Indeed, it is thanks to them that this material possesses the particular characteristics known to it, such as the smell, the grain, the different colors, but also its acoustic and mechanical qualities.

So here are so many elements ranging from resistance to degradation, which are closely related to extractibles.

Some applications

Whether it is the wood species used in the construction of patios or terraces, or else those with a rather decorative role, the extractables have many applications that go well beyond the field of construction or the  » Landscape architecture. One of them is to use them in medicine to prevent and treat skin cancer. Thanks to recent discoveries, it is even possible to use it to treat HIV. Some of these compounds, such as salicylic acid, are used in the manufacture of anti-inflammatory drugs, such as aspirin. This acid is most often found in the outer wrapper of the willow.
Extractables can even be made from maple syrup. In Canada, it is also very popular as a substitute for natural sugar. Also, The agri-food industry uses it in the manufacture of many products and foods. The applications of extractibles are very varied, among which we can mention:

* Paint
* Cement (dental and construction)
* Glue
* Cosmetics

Rather incredible, right?

Resistance and wooden patio

Resistance is the main characteristic you will have to study before choosing the wood essence with which your future patio will be built. In Montreal, the choice is often for red cedar or ipé wood due to their ability to resist insects and mold and their high dimensional stability with a minimum of cracking, cracking and buckling.

Apart from this aspect, these exterior constructions must be resistant to withstand many loads. For example, there may be many elements that will be used to decorate and furnish them (furniture, barbecue, etc.). If the slightest load makes them wobble, it is obvious that the patio or terrace will not last long, without saying anything about the major security risks they will pose.

Now that you know a little more about extractibles, the different applications that come out of them and especially their importance in the internal structure of wood, you will understand more easily some technical details that make the construction of wooden patios a real job of  » art. The durability of a wooden patio – elemental, my dear Watson! Or should we rather say … « molecular »?