Synthetic grass new formula: more than true

synthetic grass : more than true

If the first synthetic turf looked more like doormats or fake Christmas crib decorations, the manufacturers took a big step forward. They are now closer to the impeccable lawn of Wimbledon and offer a more real-life rendering.

More resistant, less restrictive

Thanks to new latex and polyurethane materials, the new-generation synthetic turfs mimic natural grass and are an excellent alternative for a realistic lawn look. They are used more and more on sports fields and children’s playgrounds, because they are not only easy to maintain, but they are also much more resistant than the natural lawn. There is no need to sow, mow, water and control weeds. Especially on very high traffic areas or with bad soil quality and ungrateful climates. A synthetic lawn will cost more than seedlings, but will keep it looking longer and maintenance free. The materials have become very resistant to UV, they do not discolor as before. With good resistance to chlorine, it is now possible to install it around your pool. Some rollers are reversible, allowing to play with the design of your lawn alternating turf. Another important advantage, when the soil is wet, you do not bring dirt or soil inside. The rollers, especially those with a sand-based filling, are very well drained. A simple brushing on the strands that have been flatten is enough to straighten them.

An exterior or interior cover

No need to work hard for years to get a beautiful green lawn, both aesthetic and practical. If you love the feeling of your toes in the grass, the materials used are antiallergic and pleasant to the touch. Placed on a concrete balcony, the turf or polyurethane turf will prevent the concrete from heating too much and you will not burn your feet. Some people do not hesitate to put synthetic grass inside, for a small “winter garden” effect. The rollers stick or nail on all surfaces. Choose turf that come in 1 or 2 m wide, with strands 20 mm high for a freshly mowed effect and up to 40 mm. We recommand a more dense turf (> 3kg / m²) guaranteed between 8 and 10 years.