Staining a wood patio – Why hire a professional?

staining a wood patio

Having chosen to add value to your proprety by building a wooden patio, you have made a good investment for the comfort of your home. Even if certain types of wood, like red cedar or ipe, are very durable and can be left without treatment, a finish is often applied in order to preserve the original beauty of the wood.

Use a professional to stain a wood patio

Of course, you can try to do the work yourself, but this process, which may seem simple, requires particular knowledge and know-how that can only be learned through years of experience. It means choosing the right product, adapting the preparations and procedures of application to the particularities of each type of wood, as well as doing the job at the right moment.

If you have relied on a specialist for the construction of your patio, we suggest you make the same choice at least for the first treatment of the wood. An expert can explain the necessary steps to take and even show you how to do it. Based on their long experience, they can indicate the products adapted to your type of wood, as well as the techniques to apply it. Then, if you want, you’ll be ready to do it yourself, and avoid errors that can negatively affect your patio and your investment.

The best treatment at the right moment

By relying on the help of a professional, you will make the best choices for the upkeep of your newly constructed patio. A professional will be able to answer questions like “How long should we wait before staining a wood patio?” or “Why does the stain peel?”. The finish for new wood is different from that of wood that has been exposed to the weather for months or years.

Depending on the state of your patio and the type of wood used, they will know how to choose the right techniques and the right products. Ipe wood, for example, is not vulnerable to insects and mold, but it requires the application of a layer of oil if you don’t want it to turn silver-grey over time.

Learn how to do it yourself

Take advantage of the presence of experts in exterior wood upkeep to learn more about the techniques and products to use. Do not hesitate to ask questions and learn the right techniques for proper upkeep of the wood to better preserve your investment. If you have the necessary time and you like this kind of work, all you have to do is follow their recommendations and the next time, it will be your turn.