Louver system for decks by Pylex

Louver system for decks by Pylex

Controlled intimacy

Whether protecting the privacy of your patio or protecting you from the sun or the wind, blinds have been the perfect solution for centuries!

The louver, the ideal sun blind for decks

Invented in the Mediterranean (the sun specialist region if any), the louver is a kind of shutter or wooden blind which are blades articulated and orientable between them. This assembly stops direct sunlight and gusts of wind or rain while allowing air to circulate. Ideal to protect yourself while allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. A louver can partially or completely close a deck, a pergola or a gazebo. But you can also use them on railings and fences if they are high enough. Or install them between the joists of a pergola to manage the passing light. These shutters can be laid on one side, on the roof or corner of the deck. In terms of privacy, the louvers are also called “blinds” because it is possible to see the outside without being seen inside 😉

The louver system for decks by Pylex

It is necessary to use a suitable wood species (to avoid warping boards, we strongly recommend using cedar and not treated wood that has too much tendency to warp affecting the aesthetics of horizontal lines and potentially the smooth operation the opening and closing of the louvers) and for the articulation and fixing, a robust metal system essential for assembling the wooden boards without them collapsing.

Pylex deck louver system allows you to build a blind up to 49 inches high (18 woodblades) by 48 inches wide. We do not recommend to exceed 48 inches wide as the wooden boards may sag during the winter due to ice and snow accumulation. The system includes a set of steel hardware to build a horizontal or vertical blind. The main ruler acts as a spacing guide for the “L” brackets that pivot freely along the side of a 4×4 post or a 2×4 to support the wood slats. Steel rivets ensure the strength of the whole system. Easy to install and change. The ideal solution to keep the character of an all-wood deck. To find a distributor in your area visit: www.pylex.com

Here are some examples of our we’ve incorporated Pylex louvers into our decks and fences.