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staining a wood patio

Staining a wood patio – Why hire a professional?

Having chosen to add value to your proprety by building a wooden patio, you have made a good investment for the comfort of your home. Even if certain types of wood, like red cedar or ipe, are very durable and can be left without treatment, a finish is often applied in order to preserve the […]

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treated wood patio Patios et Clotures Beaulieu

Treated wood patios – What you need to know…

Treated wood is often preferred for the construction of structures. We would like to provide you with an overview of the chemical composition of treated wood, as well as why Patios et Clôtures Beaulieu only uses treated wood as material for the structure of its client’s patios. Why are treated wood patios not such a […]

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The Camo system, a system for invisible screws in decks

Avez-vous jamais rêvé d’un patio en bois avec une surface lisse et sans ancrages apparents ? Le système Camo, un système de vis à plancher invisibles, permet justement cela. Le système Camo est conçu pour attacher rapidement et facilement le plancher de votre patio à la structure de soutien sans qu’une seule vis ne soit […]

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