Red cedar patios

Patio en cère grisonnant-Photographe Normand Savage

Accelerate the graying of a cedar deck

When the wood of your outdoor structures (deck, fence, shed…) ages, it is exposed to the sun and the elements, it creates a patina, it becomes gray. This aged wood effect is for sure a real asset and adds to its charm. The beautiful gray color that time leaves on the wood is sometimes so […]

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Red Cedar Deck Maintenance

If your deck or fence has lost its vibrancy, professional cleaning, followed by sanding and staining anew will give them a brand new appearance. For optimal red cedar deck maintenance we recommended to hire a professional, at least for the first treatment. Read more

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Red Cedar Patio – Why build a patio out of cedar wood?

Red cedar has been used for generations in the construction of shingles for houses, furniture and wood patios. My great-great-grandfather built his career around cedar, building furniture and fabricating wood shingles. My mother and grandmother both had one of those famous cedar chests. If we stop and think about it, why is cedar is so […]

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