CAA Quebec recommends Patios et Clôtures Beaulieu Inc.

CAA Quebec recommends Patios et Clotures Beaulieu

Companies recommended by CAA Quebec – a meticulously chosen list of contractors!

A job well done always requires professionalism and competence. To ensure the security of your project and your peace of mind, call on one of the companies recommended by CAA Quebec! The specialists recommended by CAA Quebec put their expertise to work to help you and to meet your expectations.

Patios et Clôtures Beaulieu is proud to be a company recommended by CAA Quebec since 2006. Additionally, we are the only company specialised in wood patios and fences holding CAA Quebec certification on the Island of Montreal.

CAA Québec ensures, through its recommendation program that selected companies merit your confidence. In order to do so, each company recommended by CAA Quebec must meet very strict and rigorous selection and quality criteria:

Credibility and Competence. To be accredited by CAA Quebec, housing companies recommended by CAA Quebec have to have the necessary licences and professional affiliations, and have a minimum number of years of experience in their field.

Reputation with Clients. CAA Quebec guarantees that companies that they recommend always listen to their clients by offering complete and courteous services. To achieve this, CAA Quebec completes satisfaction polls among groups of randomly selected clients. Four essential aspects are taken into consideration when analysing the results from the poll:

  • Quality of work and service
  • Respect of initial contract
  • Recommendation to friends and family
  • General satisfaction

Solvency. It is important that clients can have confidence in accredited companies. That is why CAA Quebec checks the “financial health” of all recommended companies.

Protection Program Quality. CAA Quebec regularly verifies operational permits, guarantee policies, civil responsibility insurance, and all other necessary documents so that companies recommended by CAA Quebec can operate.

Service. At CAA Quebec, you can count on companies that will meet your expectations. They take care of everything to facilitate the choices made by their clients by supplying practical and accessible information. The constant concern for the satisfaction of clients is seen through courtesy, willingness, quality of work, cleanliness and aftersales service.

By working with a companies recommended by CAA Quebec, you will gain undeniable benefits over the long term!