We understand the importance of designing all the elements of a deck and fence to reflect your needs and personality. 

A well-designed deck is a place where you should feel comfortable and offer privacy, safety and security. It’s a place to be among family and friends outdoors, in a private space that is welcoming. The design of a patio, deck or fence must reflect your personality, tastes and needs in the same way as the rest of your home. 

Your homework list

Make a list of your needs and budget to be followed. How many people do you entertain on average? What are your long term plans for the design of your backyard? Is there a view of your yard that you would like to promote? A view of neighbors you'd like to hide?

To help you with budgeting for your deck or fence, a custom red cedar deck will cost in average between $50 and $70 per square foot and a red cedar fence between $60 and $100 per linear foot depending on the model.

Shop around

Ask for a detailed estimate from a minimum of three licensed entrepreneurs, including us! Verify if the contractor holds a RBQ building contractor’s licence and request a list of references.

Our first meeting

During this meeting of about 45 minutes, we will work together to assess your requirements and budget, and also establish a design. This will allow us to give you a rough estimate of the price.

The estimate

We will send you a detailed estimate by e-mail or fax within 24 hours.

The contract

This document will provide details on your project, including payment plans and a timeline for construction.

The construction

Our construction teams will take care of everything, from site preparation to finishing work and thorough clean-up. You will not have to lift a finger!

Thank you for your testimonial!

Positive customer comments have helped us become a renowned and well-regarded deck and fence business. It will be our pleasure to add a picture of your project and your commentary to our testimonials page!.

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